A Private Residence in Hydra, Greece. By Interior Designer Tina Komninou.

Hydra Residence is an incredible home that has undergone a transformation that more than equals the beauty of its location. Originally built on one of the highest sites on the stunning Greek island of Hydra, this very special building has been brought back to life through the talents and vision of Greek Interior Designer Tina Komninou, who has created a breath-taking renovation that truly embraces the mesmerizing surroundings and priceless history of this building.

Working with contractor Michalis Pelekanos, Tina Komninou has transformed this historic building through a design that encompasses aristocratic features alongside simpler design elements to create a sense of authentic decadence that feels like the true evolution of this remarkable building. Fixtures and furniture have been handcrafted, showcasing workmanship and tradition which add to the property’s overall splendour. Inside, the striking original beams have been restored and remain the backbone of the house. The outside, which offers incredible views of the ocean and surrounding scenery, has been invited into the residence through the continued use of the warm ochre colour throughout; a dominant feature of the old ages. Every single room has received precious consideration. Details such as the door handles, which have been handcrafted and so contain irregularities, act to add quirky dimensions that make the house feel unique and special.



The bespoke design of the cupboards and bed frames add a level of drama that complement the property’s amazing original features. The master bedroom’s ceiling was the main concept behind its design and the inclusion of mosaic in this property is striking. Carefully chosen pieces, such as the stunning mirror in the hallway, enhance the original features whilst contributing to the home’s overall airy atmosphere. Original arches and windows have been preserved to mesmerize visitors by showcasing the beauty of this historic building. The overall design screams of quality and introduces a sense of complimentary modernity that is both refreshing and authentic.

Hydra Residence contains an exhilarating range of flowing spaces that invite you to relax in the most sumptuous way possible and the one of the most inviting rooms is the heart of the home, the kitchen. In this room, Tina Komninou’s skilful vision has resulted in the creation of a space that feels homely whilst at the same time fully incorporating modern design. This space highlights the amazing original features, such as the wooden ceiling and characterful exposed stone walls, by introducing bold yet carefully chosen new features. The contrasting new glass floor reflects the quality of the original ceiling above in every sense also working to frame the function of the kitchen due to its ingenious design which allows you to view the food storage space underneath the floor. A mixture of produce local to the area and key to the overall function of the space is presented almost like items in a gallery. The sleek counters further enhance the character of the room and the 1940’s sink is a striking inclusion that adds to the feeling of old world originality.

The overall concept behind the design of Hydra residence was to reflect the traditional aristocratic style of Hydra from the old ages whilst at the same time offering a modern and more simplistic design approach. The result is that the dream that was the renovation of Hydra Residence has become an even better reality.







photos © Michael Koronis / HOUSE by LIFE & STYLE
Image Courtesy of Liberis Publications, GREECE. All rights reserved

Sources: HOUSE by LIFE & STYLE, yatzer.com

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