oak pass residence by walker workshop, beverly hills, ca, usa.

walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_01 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_02 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_03 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_04 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_05 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_06Situated in a grove surrounded by over 100 live oak trees, the ‘oak pass guest house’ by American studio walker workshop design build is the first completed structure to a new private residence coming soon. The particular environment drove many of the material decisions used on the project- rough sawn fire-resistant timber planks wrap around blocked forms stacked upon one another. Clean lines of glass contrast the rough wood texture claiming strips of the façade that exchange views for natural light.  Raising the volumes above grade creates pockets of shaded empty space, a habitable threshold between the interior and the rest of the site. An existing barn is extensively renovated and integrated into the home, maintaining its iconic silhouette while double functioning as living space or concert venue capable of hosting up to eighty guests. An airy staircase with vertical glass panels leads to the center of the upstairs footprint, separating the two bedrooms located at opposite corners with access to their own patios.

walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_07 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_08 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_09 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_10 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_11 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_12 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_13 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_14 walkerworkshop_oakpass_db_15

Source: DesignBoom

image © nicholas alan cope

all images courtesy of walker workshop.

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