A House In Costa Brava, by Garcés – De Seta – Bonet

From the architects: “The utmost attention was paid to the good placement of the house on a plot with a slope parallel to the sea and good solar orientation.

Consequently the project is developed linearly occupying the entire waterfront and the main option consists in extending the house at basement level obtaining the maximum possible length.


The overflowing swimming pool aligns with this arm complemented by a pergola which allows a direct connection of the outside with the underground area: gym and other facilities.


The volume of the master bedroom on the lower ground floor is used as a terrace. The main building is complemented by an auxiliary construction placed at the access upper level. The sum of white stucco bodies, placed in strict order and constantly drilled with identical rectangular holes, allows appreciating, by contrast, the existing natural shapes.

53755995c07a80595700003b_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_008_mg_8008_09 53755994c07a80118200003c_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_007_mg_7719_2 53755975c07a80595700003a_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_005_mg_8001 537559dfc07a80118200003d_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_009_mg_7737_38 537559bcc07a803f9600002d_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_11_mg_7941

537559fbc07a803f9600002f_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_013_mg_8042_43 537559e1c07a803f9600002e_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_012_mg_7700_01 53755a46c07a80118200003f_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_portada 53755a3bc07a803f96000030_house-in-costa-brava-garc-s-de-seta-bonet_016__mg_7800_01

Source: Archdaily

Photos © Adrià Goula

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