Rosa Rosae Inn, Treviso, Italy

When we least expect it, a chance meeting or a visit to a previously unexplored region can become a life changing event which can lead to the fulfillment of our dreams, or perhaps our destiny. This is exactly what occurred 9 years ago when Silvio, an architect and his wife Elizabeta, a French teacher, happened upon a ruined 16th century watermill, during an excursion to the countryside around Venice. It was an event which was to alter the course of their future…


They set about renovating the structure and transforming the interior into a rustic getaway, an escape from the city life which could be shared with paying guests and after a grueling 4 year period, the old abandoned watermill was transformed into the Rosa Rosae Inn. With just four beautifully designed en-suite rooms, the couple have created a romantic environment where guests are cosseted as members of the family.
Their determination to preserve the traditional elements of the mill, the essential building materials used during the renovation process were sourced from structures of a similar age throughout the length and breadth of Italy. The features of aged stone and timber of the interior ensures a unique atmosphere which is preserved through the concealment of any essential technological elements out of sight, so as to keep the unspoilt feel. The spaces were furnished with design pieces and antiques, which the couple had collected during their extensive travels throughout France, North Africa and the Middle East.









This discreet combination of styles was topped by a selection of contemporary art, resulting in an interior which exhibits an eclectic romanticism, enhanced when night falls and the Rosa Rosae becomes a candlelit fairy tale destination where guests can relax and enjoy the best of Italian hospitality and fine dining under the generous management of their gracious hosts.


Photography by © Giulio Oriani / Vega MG

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