The Desert Villa by Studio Aiko.

This 3D digital visualization of the contrasting elements of a sleek contemporary villa in a bleak desert location was realized by the Israel based Studio Aiko. The virtual residence, which appears as a mirage within the arid landscape, is a form of architectural imaging attempted by the studio for the very first time. They managed to successfully merge the two elements of “the magical scenery of the desert with modern architecture.”
The project was commissioned by the practice of Weinstein Vaadia Architects and carried out in the form of a video with a touch of humor, a usual habit of the studio. The villa itself is a dream home of concrete and stone and glass with a spectacular outdoor pool area protected from the scorching midday sun by a concrete sloping roof. The desert landscape visually enters the interior through the floor to ceiling glazing, into a minimal space with ultra-contemporary colorful furnishings. A sense of warmth, comfort and serenity within the home becomes a part of the stillness of the vast desert location, as interpreted by the surreal video of Studio Aiko.









Images Courtesy of © Studio Aiko

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