Shoreline architecture. Beyond styles.

The architecture of seaside extends beyond rooflines, sequence of volumes and materials. Beyond styles. Beyond various revivals. From Chile to Greece and from Los Angeles to Ghana when it is about waterfront architecture, the most important element is always one, the sea!!

Kavel 01. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Principal architect.

View of Veere-House Kamperland. Veere, Netherlands. Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten.

Punta Hermosa H22. Punta Hermosa, Peru.

Oceanique Villas. Phan Thiet, Vietnam. MM++ Architects.

Perivolas Hotel. Oia, Santorini,Greece. Costis Psychas.

Maison D1. Ramatuelle, France. Vincent Coste Architecte.

House in Huentelauquen. Canela, chile. Plan Común, Claudio Baladrón.

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