Little diamonds in times of crisis: SMIK. INTELLIGENT LIVING. Patras, Greece.

I am beyond happy and proud writing about this new project. People are always saying that through times of deep crisis, some of the best things can happen…. and it’s true, let me tell you. Patras (my home city for the past 25 years) was always a very charming city, influenced by its Italian culture and it’s Venetian influences, the biggest port of western Greece and the main gate to Italy was always architecturally interesting.

Unfortunately, as a port, it got hit from the deep financial greek crisis rather faster and more than other cities. One or two years ago, though, in one of my trips back home I couldn’t help but notice that something new was going on. When I asked about this project they’ve told me exactly this “well, we don’t know…. Should be dorms but it can’t be public…. It looks really nicely done, but then it can’t be private either…. Who would build private dorms in Patras??? Why here?”








Well, soon after that I found out that two young ladies – that seem to care about our city I will add – really decided to follow a project like this and creat SMIK. Located in the center of Patras, very close to the most privileged, yet less visited area of Patras (I hope this will change now), very close to the beautiful old port of the city, 36 apartments overlooking the sea and the mountain of Achaea are composing a building that stands out for its contemporary design and style.

Six floors, six apartments each all equipped perfectly to serve the needs of the students: Class B+ Energy Certificate Building shell compliant with the specifications of the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation. Knauf 7cm thermal facade, inverted roof insulation. Thermal – sound insulation using Knauf systems in the outside walls of each apartment. Sangali group 6/16 argon/5 energy-efficient glass windows with a U factor value of 1.0. Daikin inverter air conditioners, energy class A. Independent solar collector for hot water in each apartment with built-in heater (double action). Europa aluminium frames with thermal switch and swing mechanism. Two modern Sindler Inverter elevators. Dimmable cost-efficient LED bulbs are used for lighting.

Moreover, Central door that opens only with the private security mechanism of each tenant. 24-hour CCTV recording system at the entrance. Alarm and emergency button. Fire detection system. Entrance camera through which the tenants can communicate with the MamaGER ( Yes a mamager, cause in Greece we know that every student needs a mama!!!!! ) and many many more….

I, personally am very thrilled that finally things are changing and that seriously radical projects become reality in my city!!!! Let’s continue like this!!! P.S. The SMIK building is ready and opened it’s doors yesterday, July 4th 2014.

Source and photos:

039 034
031 036 029

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