The Cresta. Lavish Contemporary Concrete Modernism.


We are located in Lower Hermosa region of La Jolla, CA …

Everyone will love to see the modern lavish residence design of The Cresta Villa, designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA. It has an impressive and outstanding exterior to interior design. Look at to the exterior side of the house as you can see though the picture.

It has stunning exterior design with stucco concrete wall. It looks beautiful to find the water pond and floating concrete deck at the front side of the house. You can find a set of stylish outdoor furniture on the concrete deck.

The designer gave the best modern lavish residence design idea for this home building. Look at how beautiful the residence is by looking to the picture gallery. It has semi-open space living room with blurred lines between the indoor and outdoor area. You will find floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door as the room separator between the outdoor and indoor area. This two-story residence shows you an unconventional home building in modern style.

Step inside from the front sliding door and you will find spacious living room. It has a long leather sofa in brown color at the living room. You also can see floating wooden dresser completing the room. This residence looks down to earth with stucco concrete wall.

It has ceiling beams design without any chandelier or pendant lamp inside the residence. The dining area is located right after the living room. It has elegant dining area with glazed dining table and unique black chairs.

You will see the water pond at the right side of the dining area. You will find master bedroom and master bathroom at the second floor. Go upstairs and you will see floor-to-ceiling glass wall around the second floor building. You also can find sunbathing area at the ground floor with modern sun bed design. The Cresta shows you a modern lavish residence style in unconventional home design.




Source: Freesharing

Photos: Segal architecture

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