Gato brasserie. a glimpse to an original new yorker interior.

I think it is about time to get inside architecture. As I have been told repeatedly, through the years of my studies, you can look architecture from the top, from the outside and from the inside. A perfect architectural achievement should fulfill all three views (or at least that’s what we have been thaught!!)

Now think of that…. Which is the city that provides insane top, interior and exterior views?? New York!! The examples are uncountable, from the streets network (a perfect grid) and the infinite skylines one can get from the rivers to the 18th century facades of the churches and the houses, the contemporary masterpieces and the original newyorker interiors, this city is one of a kind just because she never lost her references to Europe and because she combined them successfully with the american spirit.

As usual I discovered this building while researching through magazines for something completely different.Image



Gato, chef Bobby Flay’s new Manhattan restaurant, is a European brasserie but at the same time a city restaurant. The design, in which every detail is the result of a conscious decision harking back to the style of the old continent, bears the signature of David Rockwell’s team. An example is the large rectangular island bar in teak, which can accommodate up to 20 people, offering an informal option for eating meals, with its ingenious chandelier structure of glass lights and shelves. The steel columns, meanwhile, on the two sides of the room and in an indoor version, are reminiscent of antique cast-iron lampposts. We also see the floor in hexagonal cement tiles in the typical colours and patterns of European majolica, and seats that echo the lines of bentwood chairs. Each element fits in perfectly with its setting, thanks to the warm shades and finishes used for the industrial facade of this old building.



source: ottagono magazine

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