On the occasion of the 14th architecture Biennale of Venice with the general title: ” Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014″ , I took the chance to dig into the past 50-100 years of greek architecture….. and what treasures have i found!!!!!


I recently came across this first image and of course I had to track it down. The image led me to the Lanaras weekend house by Architect Nicos Valsamakis.The structure is one of great importance pertaining to Greek architecture during the 1960s. It was built for the civil engineer and contractor Alekos Lanaras. The liner lines of the building are so elegant and thin. The interiors are just as amazing with the choice of finishes and furnishings, all of them typical of the modern movement of the 50’s-60’s.


Valsamakis’ work is easily recognized by its geometric forms in his designs. In fact, his first multi-story apartment building, otherwise known as “polikatikia”, radically changed urban design in Athens forever.

I loved the harmonious proportions, its minimalism and open spaces that draw you between indoor and outdoor living. It’s almost as if this home were an extension of the horizon, melding with the blue sky above. The two planes are supported by thin steel posts creating an elegant yet delicate feel to the whole structure. This home is simplicity and minimalism incarnate, defined by its sharp lines in contrast to the untamed waters surrounding it.




It is a sample of emblematic architectural minimalism with eternal value, as expresses the modern architecture perception of housing as a synthesis of functionality, aesthetics and advanced technology.




” The greek history and the greek landscape together are forming the myth of contemporary Greece” (Fundamentals, official catalogue of the Biennale of Venice).



Photos: Dimitris Kalapodas

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