Desert House by Oller + Pejic

Nestled unobtrusively between outcrops of ancient rocks in Joshua Tree National Park in California stands, at first glance, what appears to be a black sculptural form. In reality, it is a unique residence, a desert retreat, designed by the Los Angeles based practice of Oller + Pejic in response to the client’s brief for them to ‘build a house like a shadow’.











The final result is a structure, a mysterious black angled form which represents a negative of the neighbouring rocks, instantly becoming part of its immediate environment. The interior of the three bedroomed 1.550 sqf. residence smoothly follows a continuous flow around a central courtyard, overlooked by the private quarters.

Vast expanses of frameless glazing allows uninterrupted views of the magnificent wilderness of the Mojave desert from the black walled room, a timeless energy of its cave like interior embracing its occupants and allowing them to escape from the bustling city life and forget that civilization is just a short drive away.

source: Oller + Pejic

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